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Beds allow the player to sleep through the night as in vanilla. When the player sleeps successfully, they lose 6 hunger points (3 food icons) from each food type. For each food type which has more than 10 hunger points (5 food icons), they also gain an amount of health depending on the type of bed. Some beds have a limited durability which is drained by sleeping in it. When the durability runs out, the bed breaks without dropping anything.


Bed Number of uses Health bonus per food type
Leaf nest 1+ 0.3 points (1/6 Heart.svg)
Wool bedroll 20 0.7 points (1/3 Heart.svg)
Cotton bedroll 20 0.7 points (1/3 Heart.svg)
Simple bed Unlimited 2 points (1 Heart.svg)

+ The leaf nest is destroyed at sunrise even if it was not slept in.