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Food types[edit]

Each food belongs to one of three food types. Eating this food contributes to the relevant hunger bar of the player.

Food type Food items
Protein All meats, fish, eggs, chickpeas
Carbs Rice, wheat, potatoes, sugar
Fruit & veg All other fruits and vegetables


Many food items decay over time. These items show their decay level with the durability bar: the colour ranges from bright green (when fresh) to red (when rotten). When a decayable item is fully rotten, it cannot be used or eaten, its texture changes to a rot image, and its display name becomes "Rotten [item]". Different items have different shelf-lives, ranging from 1 to 4 in-game days, or permanent.

Decay is measured in stages, one tenth the length of the total self-life. Stacks of the same item with same decay stage can be combined, but stacks with different decay stages cannot. The age of an item is defined by the total world time, so decaying does not stop if an item is in an unloaded chunk or a server with no logged in players.

Shelf-life Food items
1 day All raw meats and fish, all boiled items (rice, wheat and chickpeas)
2 days All cooked meats and fish, melons, apples, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, peppers, berries, pears, bananas
4 days Carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots, oranges, eggs
Permanent Rice, wheat, chickpeas, sugar, honey