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The player's hunger is divided into three different types: protein (Food protein.png), carbs (Food carbs.png), and fruit/veg (Food fruitveg.png). These are represented with three rows of icons in the GUI.

Player perspective with food bars and temperature icon.

Draining and refilling[edit]

For each hunger type, saturation and exhaustion are drained at the same rate as vanilla and by the same activities. Food level and saturation are refilled by eating foods of the associated type, with the amount depending on the food item. Any food item will only refill one hunger type.

A new drain to the food level is sleeping. On waking up after a night of sleep, all three food levels will be drained by 6 points (3 food icons).


The rates and conditions of healing and starvation are slower but broader than vanilla. For each hunger type:

  • If the food level is 10 or greater (5 or more food icons), the player heals by 1 (Half heart.svg) every 600 ticks (30 seconds).
  • If the food level is 0, the player takes 1 damage (Half heart.svg) every 600 ticks (30 seconds).

These effects are applied independently, i.e. the player can be healing from one hunger type at the same time as taking starvation damage from another.