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If you have.... can make Recipe
Antler Antler hoe

Antler hoe recipe.png

Stick Spear

Wood spear recipe.png


Campfire recipe.png

......+ clay pot Pot fire

Pot fire recipe.png

......+ skin Basket

Basket recipe.png

......+ hemp twine Fishing rod

Fishing rod recipe.png

Simple bow

Crude bow recipe.png

......++ feather Stick arrow

Wood arrow recipe.png

Leaves Leaf nest

Leaf nest recipe.png

Flint Knapping block

Knapping recipe.png

Clay Clay handful

Clay handfuls recipe.png

......+ mud brick Clay oven

Clay oven recipe.png

Clay handful Clay pot

Clay pot recipe.png

Mud bricks Mud brick wall

Mudbrick wall recipe.png

Rubble Stone furnace

Stone furnace recipe.png

Pole Drying rack

Drying recipe.png

Candlemaker's bench

Candlemaker recipe.png

......+ bone or metal Textiles table

Textiles recipe.png

Woodwork bench

Woodworking recipe.png

......+ steel Sawpit

Sawpit recipe.png

......++ rubble Forge

Forge recipe.png

Mason's workshop

Mason recipe.png

......++ leather ++ tallow Armoury

Armourer recipe.png


If you have.... can make Recipe
Raw meat/fish Cooked meat/fish

Cooked meat.png

Raw potato Baked potato

Baked potato recipe.png

Pot fire[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Sugar cane Sugar

Sugar recipe.png

Chickpeas Boiled chickpeas

Boiled chickpeas recipe.png

Wheat Boiled wheat

Boiled wheat recipe.png

Rice Boiled rice

Boiled rice recipe.png

Clay oven[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Any wood charcoal
Wheat Bread

Bread recipe.png

Copper ore Copper ingot

Copper recipe.png

Tin ore Tin ingot

Tin recipe.png

Loose clay Bricks


Knapping block[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Flint Flint hunting knife

Flint huntingknife recipe.png

Flint wool knife

Flint woolknife recipe.png

Flint axehead

Flint axehead recipe.png

Flint pick head

Flint pickhead recipe.png

Flint spearhead

Flint spearhead recipe.png

Flint axe, pick or spear head
......+stick Flint axe, pick or spear

Flint tool recipe.png

Flint arrowheads

Flint arrowhead recipe.png

......+ stick + feather Flint arrows

Flint arrow recipe.png

Rubble Rough stone wall

Rough stone wall recipe.png

Drying rack[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Loose dirt Mud bricks

Mudbricks recipe.png

Wet peat Dried peat

Dry peat recipe.png

Skin Leather

Leather recipe.png

Candlemaker's bench[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Tallow Tallow candles

Tallow candle recipe.png

.....+stick Tallow torch

Tallow torch recipe.png

.....+ clay + hemp twine Oil lamp

Oil lamp recipe.png

Beeswax Beeswax candle

Beeswax candle recipe.png

Stone furnace[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Iron, silver or gold ore Steel, silver or gold ingot

Steel recipe.png

Loose sand Glass

Glass recipe.png

Textiles table[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Sheep, wolf or bear skin Fur clothing

Fur apparel recipe.png

Wool Wool clothing

Wool apparel recipe.png

Wool bedroll

Wool bedroll recipe.png

Cotton Cotton clothing

Cotton apparel recipe.png

Cotton bedroll

Cotton bedroll recipe.png

Leather Backpack

Backpack recipe.png

.....+ pole Yoke

Yoke recipe.png

Woodworking bench[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
+ feather + metal arrowheads Arrows

Metal arrow recipe.png

Pole Wooden shovel

Wood shovel recipe.png


Fence recipe.png

Pole walls

Pole wall recipe.png

Pole roof

Pole roof recipe.png

Pole floors

Pole floor recipe.png

Pole stairs

Pole stairs.png

Pole door

Pole door.png


Wood shield recipe.png


Ladder recipe.png

.....+ tallow Box


.....+ wool + cotton Simple bed

Simple bed recipe.png

.....+ hemp twine War bow

War bow.png

.....+ metal tool or weapon head Tool

Tool recipe.png

.....+ rot Compost heap

Compost heap recipe.png

Logs Log wall

Log wall recipe.png

Sawn timber Wooden stairs

Wood stairs recipe.png


Wood floor recipe.png


Wood door recipe.png


Frame recipe.png

Frame vault

Frame vault recipe.png

.....+ loose clay Clay roof

Clay roof recipe.png

.....+ metal chest

Chest recipe.png

.....+ glass Window

Window recipe.png


If you have.... can make Recipe
Log Short beam

Short beam.png

Sawn timber

Log timber recipe.png

Thick log Long beam

Long beam recipe.png

Sawn timber

Thicklog timber recipe.png


If you have.... can make Recipe
Knife blade

Knife blade recipe.png

Machete blade

Machete blade recipe.png

Pick head

Pickhead recipe.png


Arrowhead recipe.png


Spearhead recipe.png

Axe head

Axehead recipe.png

Hoe head

Hoe head recipe.png

Sickle blade

Sickle blade recipe.png

Shovel head

Shovel head recipe.png

Sword blank

Sword blank recipe.png

.....+tin ingot Bronze tool heads as above

Bronze toolhead recipe.png

Steel ingot Steel tool heads as above

Steel toolhead recipe.png

Mason's workshop[edit]

If you have.... can make Recipe
Rubble Dressed stone

Dressed stone recipe.png

Dressed stone Stone wall

Stone wall recipe.png

Stone stairs

Stone stairs recipe.png

Stone paving

Stone paving recipe.png

Stone vault

Stone vault recipe.png

Bricks Brick wall

Brick wall.png

Brick stairs

Brick stairs recipe.png

Brick paving

Brick paving recipe.png

Brick vault

Brick vault recipe.png


If you have.... can make Recipe
Sword blank
.....+ leather + pole Sword

Sword recipe.png

Steel ingot Mail armour

Steelmail apparel recipe.png

Plate armour

Steelplate apparel recipe.png

.....+pole Steel rimmed shield

Steel shield recipe.png


If you enable addCrafting in the config (false by default), a recipe for the vanilla crafting table will be added. The recipe is crafted at the woodworking bench, and takes nine sawn timber filling the crafting grid. The crafting table will have no vanilla recipes by default, and was only added as a crude modpack compatibility solution.